Traverse Biotech is

Accelerating development
of international life-
science innovation
in the NYC ecosystem.


With patients in mind, Traverse Biotech creates value by accelerating the development of clinically validated Ex-US medical innovations into the US market launching them into clinical application.

In partnership with leading international biotechnology companies located outside of the US (Ex-US), Traverse Biotech builds new companies nested within the New York City biotech ecosystem. Traverse Biotech provides full scale scientific, financial, and legal capacity to enable product development of a diversified pipeline. Through lean and agile management, Traverse can implement preclinical and clinical development capabilities immediately in a separate US financing vehicle.


Brandy Houser,PhD
Managing Partner
  • 10 years of VC and Biotech company management in NYC
  • Preclinical biotechnology development
  • Tech Transfer and licensing expertise
Jean-Loup Romet-Lemonne MD
Managing Partner
  • 25 years experience as Biotech CEO in EU and US in NASDAQ listed company
  • Raised over $150M in private equity
  • Board member of EU private companies


An opportunity for US investors to access Ex-US Biotech Company innovations and to follow the development of their technology within a US C-Corp entity.

Traverse Biotech is aiming to become a preferred U.S. development partner to Ex-US Biotech companies that is focused on value creation around non-primary assets whose development is currently frozen due to corporate strategy or constrained resources. Each asset under development by Traverse Biotech will have clinical and manufacturing validation.

While the Ex-US company is focused on obtaining clinical success of their lead compounds, Traverse Biotech:

  • Will create separate financing vehicle for the selected Ex-US assets as investment opportunities to Traverse’s US investment partners
  • Setup a joint steering committee with the Ex-US Biotech partner in order to maximize historical technical knowledge and to maintain engagement of selected assets through US development
  • Reproduce Ex-US Biotech original data in the U.S.
  • Open collaboration with the next generation of KOLs in NYC academic excellency
  • Manage the preclinical and early clinical development of the selected Ex-US asset in accordance with FDA guidelines
  • Introduce validated innovative Ex-US technologies into the New York Biotech Ecosystem



  • Operational and financial partnership with a NYC based biotech company
  • Access to NYC/US Academic KOL and NYC Biotech ecosystem through long-standing and established Traverse Network
  • Development of one proprietary early-stage asset through to Phase 1 clinical trial with no financial commitment required for the EU Biotech Company
  • Interactions with the FDA through clinical entrance
  • Tangible and effective presence in the US at no cost for the Ex-US Biotech – Access to office space, conference room and lab space is part of the framework of the agreement
  • Partnership is based upon risk sharing of a preclinical asset development
  • Milestone achievements are pre-designed and monitored by a steering committee comprised of Traverse, Ex-US biotechnology company, and US investors
  • Building value on an asset that would otherwise stay dormant because of priority development strategy or resource constraint
  • Exposure to US Biotech Venture funds and family offices – Nasdaq listing becomes an option

The Traverse Biotech value creation model selectively works with Ex-US biotech companies to launch promising preclinical assets into clinical application in high unmet medical need spaces


THE TRAVERSE BIOTECH PARTNERS are well established organizations bringing regulatory, clinical, and pre-clinical development expertise in order to efficiently move assets forward to FDA authorization for clinic readiness over 1-3 years.

SGC provides clinical and medical expertise for patient-focused drug and vaccine development, approval and launch programs.

Shahin Gharakhanian Consulting

VCLS is dedicated to supporting clients from discovery to patients. Their healthech product specialists offer integration solutions to development planning, manufacturing, quality and control, nonclinical and clinical testing, safety monitoring, and interactions with European and US regulators and payors.

Voisin Consulting Life Science

Celdara Medical collaborates with recognized academic scientific leadership and their institutions to steward innovations from the lab through pre-clinical development performing necessary developmental activities to enable the launch of science into clinical application.

Celdara Medical


Full pipeline, including Ex-US Biotech partner information and terms are available under confidentiality.