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Our Mission

Traverse Biotech builds value for patients and partners by developing the next generation of protein, cellular, and genetic based therapies.

In collaboration with leading international Biotechnology Company partners Traverse Biotech builds US-based companies nested in the NYC biotech ecosystem providing full scale academic, financial and legal capacity to enable product and pipeline development. Through lean and agile management, Traverse can implement preclinical and clinical development capabilities immediately in a separate US financing vehicle.

Management Team

Traverse Biotech is led by Managing Partners and Co-Founders, Drs. Jean-Loup Romet-Lemonne and Brandy Houser. Dr. Houser holds Ph.D. in Immunology and is a pre-clinical biotechnology investor and development professional who founded Celdara Medical New York City, where she financed and developed multiple academic assets. Previously, she has served in roles associated with academic licensing and alliance management at Partners HealthCare, investor positions at Brandon Capital Partners and the Accelerate New York Seed Fund, and development support positions at Mount Sinai in NYC. Dr. Roment-Lemonne is a trained Physician who brings 25 years of experience in the biotech industry. He was for 17 years the C.E.O. and Founder of a multi-national public company, IDM Pharma, that brought to market an immunotherapy product to treat osteosarcoma in adolescents and lead to the acquisition by Takeda Pharmaceuticals.He then was Senior Adviser to Pasteur Institute President to help expand the Institute into the U.S. and is currently serving on the board of three biotech companies and is on the Scientific Advisory Board of an investment funs in Europe.

NYC Biotech Ecosystem

Traverse Biotech has firm roots to the academic, legal, regulatory, and finance communities in New York City and the US. This provides a community of support from which to bring innovative assets from international partners into an entrenched community to bolster the success of product development, value creation, and liquidity to US and international-based investors.

Advisors & Collaborators

Traverse Biotech is supported by a group of biotechnology expert advisors and development partners.

Voisin Consulting Life Science

VCLS is dedicated to supporting clients from discovery to patients. Their healthech product specialists offer integration solutions to development planning, manufacturing, quality and control, nonclinical and clinical testing, safety monitoring, and interactions with European and US regulators and payors.

Shahin Gharakhanian Consulting

SGC provides clinical and medical expertise for patient-focused drug and vaccine development, approval and launch programs.

Celdara Medical

Celdara Medical collaborates with recognized academic scientific leadership and their institutions to steward innovations from the lab through pre-clinical development performing necessary developmental activities to enable the launch of science into clinical application.

Get In Touch With Us

If you are a Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical Company that is headquartered outside of the United States and are seeking growth opportunities in the NYC biotechnology ecosystem or if you are looking to grow your career please contact us.

Where to Find Us

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